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What is Channeling?

by Joan Scibienski

Like everything attributed to the so called "New Age," channeling is not a new phenomenon. It is instead a new name for an ancient practice. Perhaps you have heard the word seance, which conjures up visions of Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost, or visions of people sitting around a table or a Ouija Board trying to contact the spirit of Houdini or Elvis. If you are a history buff, you may remember the Oracles of the Dead in Greece who called upon the deceased to help improve the lives of their loved-ones. 

In the late 1800s, a resurgence of interest in contacting the afterlife surfaced and produced the Spiritualists. These were groups of people that believed that life continued after death and that the spirits of the departed could be contacted and spoken with. Many churches and societies were formed to study and prove this premise. To this day, they still exist and practice their particular religion through message services; services in which the minister answers questions by receiving messages psychically. These messages are purported to be received from deceased persons, guides, or angels to help those still existing on this plane. 

In the 1970s, a renewed interest in understanding life and death re-emerged. People were looking for the meaning of life and the particular reason for their existence. Religions seemed to have inadequate answers or were unwilling to deal with these and many other questions, so people again began looking for answers from other sources. One of those sources was metaphysics and metaphysicians, and a renewed interest in the afterlife and those on "the other side" surfaced. 

Who actually coined the phrase channeling is unknown, but it is the old procedure practiced with a new twist. Instead of contacting departed loved-ones, the entities contacted are usually guides, masters, aliens, or Archangels. The information may not be any more impacting, but the source seems to hold more weight or, at least, provide a different perspective. Many mediums channel the same entity or entities repeatedly. These entities being channeled often discuss a particular spiritual subject imparting their knowledge and wisdom. 

The actual mechanics inherent during unconscious channeling is that the soul or spirit of the medium, called "the vehicle" by Equinox, is either pushed aside or leaves the body. This makes room for the other energy to enter and use the body for a specific period of time. This shift of energy can take seconds or minutes, and for those capable of seeing auras, the shift can actually be seen. Often as the shift begins, the body may shake or quiver. This is particularly true when one first begins to channel. It can take weeks, months or years for the new energy to blend well and easily with the vehicle's energy. 

When Equinox was asked to explain the process of channeling, they stated that the physical body, like a car, is a vehicle run by energy, similar to the spark plug and battery. The car does not care whether the spark plugs or battery are Goodyear or Sears. It will work if the energy is igniting the correct voltage and continually flows. The human body will also operate with either the medium's energy or the energy of the channeled beings. As long as the energy is sustained and compatible, the body can be driven. It is learning to adjust how much energy the body uses that takes time and can cause the body to spasm. 

I channel or am a medium of Equinoxx. Except for an occasional slight shaking of my body, I experience nothing except the desire to stare and then the reality that I have awakened. Time has elapsed, but I have no understanding of what occurred during that time. This process is known as unconscious channeling. Occasionally, Equinoxx will allow me to remain and observe. During those periods, I have the sensation of observing a conversation, but I am not able to participate. This is one form of conscious channeling. Because this makes me uncomfortable, I prefer to leave completely. 

Many people ask me where I go during the channelings. At first Equinox asked me to walk into a violet flame, but I do not know what occured after that. At one point I asked them to provide me with some education while they were using my body, and for awhile, they sent my spirit to learn from a Hopi Shaman. I have never met this person on this plane, but I am sure that he is a living being and consciously knows about the work that we are doing together. I believe that one day we will meet and know each other instantly. 

I am sure that a question many people have is why someone would come to a channeling. The answer is simple: clarity. Although we all have our own answers, sometimes it is hard to sort through the hopes, fears, and desires to see the truth. When someone comes to one of our channelings, their questions are as mundane as whether to move or as profound as what is their life's purpose. No question is too mundane, because as Equinoxx has pointed out, if one is worried about survival, one doesn't have the leisure to ponder larger issues. 

The interest in channeling is prompted by a need to understand death and what lies beyond. Whatever the reason, it is not new or a fad of the "New Age." It is as ancient as humanity and will continue in one form or another as long as there are questions and entities willing to answer them.

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