Past EQ Messages

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“It is important for all of you to listen closely, for it is very typical of humanity to forget, to forget those things that are very important. And over the last many months—many, many moon cycles—you have had the experience of growing and learning new things. Some of those things have been unpleasant. But if you took the opportunity, many of those things have been wonderous. You are now beginning to see truth, where before there was illusion. You are getting the opportunity to understand on a more visceral level what that truth is and what your part in this world truly is. And as the days go on, do not forget what you have learned. Do not forget the experiences that you have had when working with what you have seen and the fact that you are vulnerable; but in your absolute ability to create, you find your power. When you understand and accept that you are a creator, you find your power. And when you learn to trust that all things are happening purposefully and purposely, then you retain your power. And you can release fear and you can grow from all experiences, even those you do not completely understand or even that you like."



“It is a very simple message and one we know that you know. But this is a reminder. And the reminder is, that throughout the history of Terra, it has been easier for humanity to look at others and find fault with them. Whether these others are your neighbors, your family members, your friends, or people that you have never met before but have only heard about—it is very easy for humanity to find fault in others. And the reminder for you is that it is time to work on yourself. It is time to manifest within yourself that perfect love, that type of love that exists without judgment, the type of love that the Source always, always sees you through. If you can do this thing, if you can open your mind to the fact that every human being, no matter how different or seemingly divisive, or mean, or hateful, or whatever you want to label them with, is actually doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing in this life, which is walking their path and learning their learning in the way that they are supposed to. And because you do not know their purpose—you do not understand their path—you cannot judge. Instead, work on yourself. Myama."



“Our message for the world tonight is a very simple one. You are entering a new what you call “season” and it is the season to plant. It is the season to plant crops, to plant trees, and plant flowers. We would also like for you to do these things for they are good for the planet. But also, we would like for you to plant your goals, your hopes, your dreams. We would like you to fill the holes that you have created by ridding yourself of those things that you did not want to move forward and fill those holes with those new possibilities. Who are you and what do you want to do? What do you want to accomplish? What kind of life do you want? You are planting those seeds right now. We would like you to plant them consciously because most of the time humanity plants them unconsciously and later when they reap negativity, they are not even sure why. They have not realized that that is what they planted. So plant what you want to harvest. Plant and tend lovingly. So that later, what is grown, you will want to reap. And what you grow will help not only yourself, but others and your world. This is what you need to know. And this is what you need to do right now."



“What we want you to hear, and what you need to be doing for your own betterment, is begin to look at what it is that makes you respond—whether it is a response of anger, of frustration, of joy, of happiness, of fear. When was the last time you looked to see why you responded to circumstances, people, and things with any of those feelings? Most beings just react, but never examine what about them is creating the reaction. Why are you giving your power to this thing or this person or this idea or this fear? And then you focus on a fear, a hatred, an unhappiness. Then you create the energy to be looking for these things everywhere. And when you are looking for them, then of course, they come. So you are creating the illusion of exactly what you do not want. So, can you understand, that then if you focus instead on those things that create this wonderous feeling within yourself —of joy or empathy or happiness or beauty, when you look at a beautiful sunset or sunrise, and you feel connected to all that is, you feel wonderous. Do you not carry this with you? Same too, when you focus on anger, or focus on fear or regret or shame. When anyone can push these buttons in you, you need to work to see why. And then you need to choose to create a different reality by not responding as you have always responded. But instead, to fill yourself with the memories of that wonderous connectedness you felt at that sunset or sunrise and change your illusion from loss, lack, fear, pain, anger, to joy, love, lightness, and empathy. You can do this thing. And you must do this thing now."



“Many of you think that with the change of one second on the clock, that somehow the world is completely different now. You have shifted into that year you call 2021, and so somehow that makes everything different? But what we want you to know is that what makes things different, always, is your beliefs. If you believe that this can be a great year, it can be a great year, as long as you continue to have that belief. But if you resist the changes that are coming, and they are vast—and they will begin to be become quite intense over the next couple of months—and that intensity will grow. If you allow the intensity of change to change your mind about how wonderful the opportunity of this New Year can be, then it will be no different than the last one. So, it is imperative for each of you to become very flexible, to allow for the changes that must occur. The end is dying to make way for the new, but the old does not want to leave. So, there will be tension between that which was and that which is becoming. And it is important for you to keep in your mind what you want. You want a new world. You want peace and health and happiness and compassion and the working together. For this to begin, many of the old ways must leave. Be joyous when this happens. Do not let fear enter your consciousness. For if you truly believe that this is going to be a wonderous year, then it shall be your best year.”



“And a wonderous moon cycle it is, and a wonderous eclipse to come, and also a grand conjunction, and all of these stars upon your sky are heralding the coming of so much potential. You are in a breakthrough phase. If you have not done the things that we have been asking you to do over the moon cycles of the 2020s, then you need to do it now. It is time to release all those feelings that you want to leave in the your past, those feelings that will not make your life, your world, a better place for you or anyone else. All of the negativity, all of the fear, all of the grief and anger, leave it behind. Bless all the experiences that you have had, even those you do not fully understand, and realize that you are being open to so much greater. And if you are not doing this thing, then you will be dragging forward into your future all that you do not want and closing the door to all the potential that is making itself available. Now we do not want to say to you that everything is going to happen in a whoosh of energy and that everything will be perfect and nothing bad can happen ever again— for this is the planet Terra and this is not a combined consciousness. But you are working on developing a greater consciousness, and as each of you develop this, as each of you begin to live in the Divine Love instead of the possessive love, then more and more goodness shall happen and more and more people will be infected with this wonderous, wonderous energy, and this is the beginning, and you are the first of many that will walk through this doorway into your future."