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How Was Equinoxx Discovered?

One evening in 1984,  Jonee was holding a seance in her living room for a group of her students. Unbeknownst to Jonee, two of the students, instead of invoking deceased loved ones, had been asking for a higher entity to come through. Suddenly, one of the male members of the group began shaking uncontrollably as something was trying to channel through him. Jonee reached out to give him support, and the next thing she knew she was waking up, lying on the table. The group told her that she had been channeling and that the entities that came through called themselves Equinoxx. 

Jonee continued to channel Equinoxx, and within a year's time she began holding public sessions with the intent that the teachings should reach a bigger audience than that of her own group of friends. To this day she still channels Equinoxx for the public the first Friday of the month in her living room. People come from all over to seek guidance, both personal and spiritual. 

At each public channeling, general questions are asked which serve to teach and enlighten those in attendance on such metaphysical topics as karma, reincarnation, spirit guides, and spirituality in general. 

Equinoxx is a combined consciousness and claims to consist of representatives of all known planes, planets, and dimensions. Their wisdom comes from having a perspective that is different than our own. When asked, throughout the years, how many of them there are, the answer has ranged anywhere between three hundred to many thousands. They speak individually and some have highly amusing personalities, but they always refer to themselves as "we," never as "I". They are hoping to help us all understand that we are all one, and that there is nothing greater nor lesser than ourselves. 

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